Clearance Certificates

Under the new Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016, if licenced asbestos removal work is being undertaken, you will require a clearance certificate to ensure that the risk of exposure no longer remains. Depending on the nature of the removal work, it could also trigger the legal requirement to have back ground air monitoring conducted, and clearance air monitoring completed after removal has finished. GENSAFE has a Licenced Asbestos Assessor that can complete clearance certificates for Class A and B Asbestos Removal. Using the latest in  sampling techniques and air pump technology we can ensure accurate and reliable results are obtained. 

Asbestos surveying and sampling

The most important control to prevent people being exposed to respirable asbestos fibres is to identify if materials contain asbestos fibres. This is very important before you start any maintenance, refurbishment or demolition projects.  Buildings constructed before 2000, are likely to contain asbestos materials.

GENSAFE can help home owners, rental property owners or businesses. Using a Licensed Asbestos Assessor will give you peace of mind that the job is being done right.  

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Asbestos Management Plans

As of April 2018, Businesses  who have a workplace (Building/Office/Rental Properties) where asbestos containing materials have been identified, MUST have an asbestos management plan. It will be your responsibility to keep a current Asbestos Management plan that will need to be provided to contractors that undertake maintenance, refurbishment or demolition works. Deciding on the scope of works, GENSAFE can provide a comprehensive Asbestos Management Plan to meet your needs. This includes conducting an Asbestos Survey  to identify  any existing asbestos containing materials.

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